After 40 years of producing audiovisual presentations–from military briefings when speakers used overhead transparencies (vugraphs) to 35mm slides on multi-screens with recorded narration, and later, 16mm film gave way to video tape and editing was by push button control using two machines, we thought it couldn’t get any better than that…but it did! Today, all of these once considered state-of-the-art visual aids are not even known by our younger generation. But I don’t want to go back to those days, because this digital age is absolutly fantastic.

Now, my efforts are directed toward producing e-learning media, and you will find some of them offered on the Resource page which includes a listing of both Christian and professional programs. They have all been developed out of a personal interest in these subjects and to help others with their intended purpose. Creative services are also offered so you can benefit directly from their use within your organization or for special use. See the Order/Contact page to make a donation for the free programs to help with expenses, make inquiries, download or place an order for the professional services or products.

I believe you will benefit from these programs as much as I have enjoyed developing them. And you can be assured that the quality that went into producing them will include any upgrading; and if it does, you will be notified.