– Beta Testing Underway –

Beginning in January 2016, six airports/airfields will be involved in a flight testing program of the PilotPath procedures to be completed by the dates shown:

Airport Target Date Need
KGMU (Greenville SC) 1-30-16 Traffic Issues
N40 (Pittstown NJ) 1-15-16 Navaid Transition
Private Fld (Dawaon GA) Completed NA,WX problems
0WA1 (Chehalis WA) Completed WX, Routing
KFME (Ft Mead MD) Completed Wash FRZ/BWI Issues
5M3 (Moultonboro NH) Open Marginal WX

Each test pilot received runway planner charts, tutorials and a checklist for reporting their results. From these resources, they will plan and fly the pattern(s) needed. All pilots reported traffic  problems, avoiding populated areas (NA) and weather related issues as their need for the procedures.

Upon completing flight testing, pilots are requested to go online to http://ddponlinemedia.com/report to submit their reports and FTP forms. This form should contain data and notams. For questions, email ddponlinemedia.com@gmail.com.

– Benefits For Other Pilots –

The results from this testing program, and the pilots who are now flying them at their airports, are providing the usability,safety and convenience for other pilots who purchase the program. Benefits of traffic avoidance, terrain/obstacle separation, reduced stress during marginal weather conditions, noise abatement and making turf airfield approaches more accurate will then be available for pilots world-wide.  Available March 2016.

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