Have terrain/obstacle/air traffic issues?

These build-your-own procedure templates will solve these problems and more.


Select from a 36 Runway chart template library.

Or request custom VFR sectional/relief chart versions from your data.

Load your GPS user waypoint pages, create a flight plan and go.

Follow the Guidelines

You will find PilotPath procedures to be an accurate, safe and convenient tool for the above applications if you follow the guidelines provided in the tutorials and use the FAP form. Load and read them first, then determine which type of template matches your need.

Build Your Own Procedures

Most pilots will find that selecting charts from the 36 runway template library, then transferring the data including other needed notams to the Flight Approach Plan, will be the most cost-effective way to provide landing and departing procedures.


VFR/Relief Chart Adaptations

If your airport is located in a populated area, near other airports or mountainous regions, you will benefit from the customized charts which can include noise sensitive areas, air traffic, and terrain/obstacle features to be avoided.


Once these proven procedures are loaded into your GPS, you will discover a stress-free and easier way to “get there”.

Tutorials and FAP

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