Bringing Christians together in a relaxed atmosphere for both devotion and enjoyment is one of the most successful ministries in churches today. They meet, they pray, they study God’s word, enjoy “breaking bread together in their homes with glad and sincere hearts”, reminisent of how the first Christians bonded together.

Most devotions, or Bible studies, at these gatherings are often conducted by one of the members of the group who may, or may not, be an experienced teacher. With the Christian Life series anyone can present these lessons with a minimum of preparation. They are practical topics dealing with everyday needs, and designed as discussion-starters to get the entire group involved in the study.

Listed below are the subjects now available, or being produced, with others to be added in the future:

1. FAMILY FIRST – parent influence                 available
2. MY SPIRITUAL DAY – personal worship      available
3. HELPING OTHERS – kind deeds                 available
4. EVERYDAY ETHICS – avoiding sin
5. A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – God’s temple
6. SHARING THE MESSAGE – one on one
7. THE LORD’S MONEY – giving
8. GOT A PROBLEM? – handling stress

There are 4 elements to each lesson:

  • The Video  A 5-6 minute portrayal of the subject, some with periodic pauses to discuss a particular point in the lesson.
  • The Script  A printed version of the video text with scripture references in the margin for Bible clarification.
  •  Let’s Talk  A printed handout for follow-up discussion which contains a true-to-life scenario tied to the video for group involvement in the lesson.
  •  Leader’s Guide  Ideas to help the presenter prepare for each lesson with it’s customized features.


Due to the complex production of these lessons, only the ones marked “available” can be ordered at this time. This list will be updated as new ones are completed. These lessons are only
available by mail.

Go to Contact /Order Page or click here to request details for availability.