The Think About This internet study series is designed to provide a thought- provoking answer to the question “what direction does God want me to take for my life?” With it’s condensed through-the-Bible and non-intimidating lessons, the goal is for students to want to know more and seek additional help from the churches and individuals who sponsor the study on their websites. There are six basic themes divided into 11 interactive lessons:

– God’ great love for His people
1. The creation of the World and life
2. God’s love and plan for us

– Man’s fall and Satan’s influence
3. Satan, God’s adversary

– He sent His Son to rule over evil
4. The prophecy of a Savior
5. The fulfillment by Jesus coming
6. Jesus death, resurrection and grace

– The Lord’s church of ChristiansBrochure-w-shadowThumb
7. The Apostles to fulfill His ministry
8. The Chruch and it’s mission
9. Finding the Church among religions

– Accepting Jesus’ grace requires commitment
10. Living the christian life in the Church

– The assurance of a promised eternity
11. What the Christian is promised based upon faith

Each of these lessons is presented with audio, follow-along text, touch- activated scriptures, 6 multiple-choice Q&A questions, and a Submit-A-Question form. A Certificate Of Completion provides the opportunity for those sponsoring the program to make contact with the student. Click on the icons shown on this page to see how your congregation can effectively use this program.

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